Sep 17, 2014 | Testimonials

Dr. Berger on SisterMentors:

Although my writing group at Duke focused on helping each of us complete our dissertation through written feedback, SisterMentors was a different kind of group. Its focus on helping women to set realistic yet attainable goals based on a timeline helped me to break my dissertation down into manageable pieces. I attended the monthly SisterMentors meetings and set regular goals toward completing my dissertation, and I began to see results. Because the women in the group come from all disciplines – including social sciences, humanities, psychology – they help you to see your project from many different perspectives. I made more progress in one year in SisterMentors while working a full-time job than I had made in the previous two years as a full-time graduate student. I officially submitted the dissertation in October 2008, and I defended in March 2009. I know that SisterMentors’ goal-setting principles and the group feedback contributed to my successful defense.

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My Journey with SisterMentors

My Journey with SisterMentors

I still remember the day I discovered SisterMentors. I was 9 years old, and curiosity at that time played a significant role in my life. It was a beautiful spring day and I was spending it at my local library. I noticed a lot of commotion in the community room and...

Emilie Boone, Ph.D.

Happy 20th Anniversary to SisterMentors! You have so much to celebrate! I have so much to be grateful for because of my participation in SisterMentors. It was really the relationships in my life that got me through the dissertation. I count Dr. Lewis, and the women in...

Fanta Aw, Ph.D.

I knew Dr. Lewis and her passion for education so when I was getting ready for my dissertation Dr. Lewis and I reconnected. I was experiencing major writer's block, feeling overwhelmed, and had not made any progress on the proposal for several months. I had no...