Aita is our graphic designer extraordinaire. She is in SisterMentors as a Ph.D. candidate in Health Services Research at the University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health and as a mentor to, Chelsie, a SisterMentors young woman in high school. Aita is a self-taught graphic designer. Her journey into communicating messages through visuals started back in 2005 when she needed a flyer to help recruit fellow college students to volunteer their time to help with rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Since then, her design projects have included: business cards, posters/invitations/brochures, clinical documentation forms, program/conference booklets, infographics, worksheets, scientific research posters, slideshow presentations, social media posts, and web design. She is a proud mother and is the Administrative Director for OurSpace World, Inc. Aita has a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in Psychology, Neuroscience and African-American Studies.