Tangere Laurance Hoagland is a doctoral candidate in the Women’s Studies Department at the University of Maryland College Park. She is an American Association of University Women (AAUW) American Dissertation fellow.  Tangere graduated with high distinction from Duke University in 2011 with a major in Women’s Studies and received her Master of Arts in 2014 from the University of Maryland College Park. Her current research interests include violence against women; Black feminist theory; transnational feminism; state and institutional violence; poverty studies and welfare studies; and mass incarceration.

Before attending graduate school, Tangere worked at the New Jersey Coalition Against Battered Women and then as a case manager in a domestic violence safehouse. While in her doctoral program she has taught Women, Art, and Culture: Women and Society; and Introduction to Black Women’s Studies.  She has also interned as a policy analyst at the federal agency, Government Accountability Office (GAO).  After earning her Ph.D., Tangere will continue working with GAO as well as teaching and producing scholarship in the field of Women’s Studies.