Aug 30, 2022 | Article

Two decades ago, Ms. magazine interviewed the founder of SisterMentors, Dr. Shireen Lewis, in its Summer 2000 issue—and here we are again, just as SisterMentors celebrates its 25th anniversary this September.

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Duke Magazine Mini-Profile on SisterMentors

When Shireen Lewis entered grade school in Trinidad and Tobago, her country was in its early years of independence from Great Britain. Fortunately, it had a leader who acted on the maxim that educating its young people was essential to a successful future for the young Caribbean nation.

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Shireen Lewis, Entre solidarité et générosité

Qu’ont en commun Losang, la Tibétaine, Najat, la Saoudienne et Kangbai, l’Africaine? Elles font parties du programme de SisterMentors, une organisation basée à  Washington, qui encourage l’éducation parmi les femmes et les jeunes filles de couleur.

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Shireen Lewis, Between Solidarity and Generosity

by Sabrina Pollard In January 2003 SisterMentors was featured in DIVAS 35, a magazine for women of color, published in Paris, France. DIVAS is distributed in France, the United States, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. You can also read the article in French. What do women...

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